Editor’s note

Frances Figart Editor Plough to Pantry

Our Western North Carolina mountains and the surrounding environs are blessed with a climate that can produce 80 percent of what is grown anywhere else in North America. We have outstanding growers, restaurants and schools that support the development of “farm-to-table.” To give voice to this amazing agriculture shift, The Laurel of Asheville has produced a second magazine, a quarterly called Plough to Pantry, and published it for the past two years.

Publishing, however, has to be supported by advertisers—and at this time there have not been enough of those coming forward to continue Plough to Pantry in its present format of a separate print magazine. Independent sampling tells us there are 100,000 readers of The Laurel every month. So at this time, Plough to Pantry will become a section in The Laurel so that we can continue to share farm-to-table stories with our avid readers. Also, we will continue to post Plough to Pantry here online as a separate digital magazine.

Reach me any time at frances@ploughtopantry.com